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Being ACE Aware - Applying Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE'S)

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Have you heard about ACE's, but are wondering what to do next? How can you embed the trauma informed practice into your organisation's practice and use this insight daily? 

Adverse Childhood Experiences have been linked to risky health behaviours, chronic health conditions, low life potential, and early death. As the number of ACE's increases, so does the risk for these outcomes. Having a deeper awareness will help you understand the importance of safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for all young people. 

This 4-hour workshop will also cover, how to apply awareness to a case study, resilience tools, next steps to supporting someone with a high ACE score, using a holistic family overview and exploring the benefits of therapeutic interventions.


This study has had a positive impact on a broad range of development skills that will help people to reach their full potential.


£350.00 up to 4-hour session or book two sessions for £650.00  Up to 12 attending per session

Be LGBTQIA+ and Transgender Aware 
LGBTQIA+ and gender awareness training covers awareness of a number of sexual diversity topics, transgender, non-binary and gender-fluid understanding. Covering the pathway to transitioning and what that may mean for someone and support networks available.  This training includes space for open discussion, the opportunity to explore and challenge social stigma, discuss individual experiences and case studies in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity.  

Sarah has received training with Gendered Intelligence to support delivering gender awareness in the South West, they will tailor the material to suit your organisation/role and share tools used when supporting someone exploring their identity, gender or sexuality.  Sarah offers 1-1 specialist support and has a personal insight that will enhance your training experience, they are open to answering your questions and supporting or offering guidance to families, individuals, and organisations. 

£350.00 up to 4-hour session or book two sessions for £650.00 Up to 12 attending per session

Digital Mind

“What happens when we flip our lid” 

When our brain is working efficiently both the upper and mid brain are communicating effectively. Information comes in and is processed logically, but what happens if someone is suffering from overload, chronic stress or emotional distress? This workshop with A Space 2 Be, covers information based on the Hand Model of the Brain practice, exploring what effect stress has on the brain and what happens for someone when flipping their lid.  
You will understand why behaviours may change, what parts of the brain shut down or become exhilarated and how this model can support your understanding of these changes in the brain.  You will be shown how to explain this to someone else using the hand model and given handouts to support you with this practice.

£225.00 2.5-hour session or book as an add on training Up to 12 attending

Creative coping techniques for stress 

Many people often do not realise they are under stress until it has begun to consume them. Stress can negatively affect someone’s wellbeing, mental and emotional health and create behaviour and relationship challenges. It is important to be able to recognise the causes of stress, when you have done this, you can begin to find ways to successfully manage and support someone’s known triggers or stressors. 
During this 4-hour training session with Sarah, who is a Therapeutic Intervention Practitioner, will talk you through several practical and creative ways of supporting stress, giving you a useful and practical therapeutic tool kit of techniques.  Everyone will personally experience each technique, helping you to fully understand the benefits of each one, supporting you to feel confident to share them with people you are supporting.  


Topics include learning the benefits of: My happy or safe place, Sides of me, Family Constellations (using stones and shells) Mindful Interventions and Time Line work.  All materials supplied and handouts provided to support you with this practice. 
£350.00 up to 4-hour session or book two sessions for £650.00 Up to 12 attending per session

This training combined with Being ACE Aware provides complementary tools to support trauma or upset. (7-hour training day in total) £650.00 

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course 

The MBSR is considered the Foundation Course for the Teacher Training Pathway for those wanting to enter into private practice and as a pre-requisite for school teachers wanting to train in the ".b”  Mindfulness in Schools program.   


This is a certified eight-week course, giving you the opportunity to notice the way we can anchor into the breath and involve Breathing Practice, Sitting Practice, a short Body Scan, and gentle Mindful Movement. We will also be teaching you about the origin of Mindfulness-Based Health Interventions and the background of Mindfulness.   


Cost includes a comprehensive handbook, meditation recordings that specifically accompany the course and training support (the certificate requires all 8 sessions to be completed). Booking and pre-consultation required, please contact Sarah for further details.


Places are limited to 10 adults only per group and the minimum is 8 people to run a group.

Enjoying Outdoor

Courses are facilitated by a Mindfulness Master Trainer, Lynsey Wellington. £195.00 per person (Discounted from £225.00 for 2020 to support the Mindfulness in schools’ program) 

Find out more about Gloucestershire Mindfulness here;

Mindful Family
Working with parents or carers of pre-school or primary children


This is an 8-week reflective course for families to participate in, exploring together as a group habitual patterns of reacting to parenting stress. The course will help support overall mental wellbeing, helping to find ways to promote a more positive outlook on life, by observing ways that you can pay more attention to the present moment; understand yourself better; manage or reduce family stress. 
Participants will finish the course with an understanding of psychological and physical reactions to stress and identify their own unique ways of reacting to parenting stress and other negative thought patterns particularly around 'aversion', paying particular attention to: noticing thought, feeling and bodily reactions to stressful events.
As well as its impact on specific problems, mindfulness has been shown to be capable of having effects on underlying emotional and social skills. These include the ability to feel in control, to make meaningful relationships, to accept experience without denying the facts, to manage difficult feelings, and to be calm, resilient, compassionate and empathic to self and the people around them.
£225.00 Per parent/carer group (two people) £175.00 for an Individual Parent/Carer (Discounted for 2020 to support the Mindfulness in schools’ program) Maximum of 12 people per group and a minimum of 8 (4 sets of parents)

Contact Sarah to find out more about our training days and workshops 

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