Reduce pandemic stress with movement and breath

By Angg Woo Wellbeing, Gloucestershire UK, in association with A Space 2 Be,

05 June 2020

How someone can look to fitness/movement while dealing with the stress of businesses returning to support the new normal in the effects of the pandemic? And in general.

Panic and stress is the first and most natural response in facing an extreme situation and uncertainty. It is our natural survival instinct, our built-in self-defense mechanism that wants to protect and help us to escape from potential danger and harm.

This mechanism worked extremely well for our ancestors, who were facing life-threatening situations, ie. they had to run away from the danger or fight in order to survive.

However, the number of threats was nowhere near to what we are exposed to in modern times, so it was much easier for them to deal with it, retreat and get back to a natural state of being and a relaxed state of mind than it is for us.

Our current reality is overloaded with stressors coming in different shapes and forms: bills to pay, work, running your own business, kids, school, exams, food, news, medication, just to mention a few, and now, of course, the pandemic with everything that it has to offer, and mixed with fear about what comes next!

So, what do we do now? How do we deal with the stress, instead of being consumed by it? 

Top tip: learn how to control your emotions and relax!

Bare with me, I will explain it better in a minute.

When we are out of balance internally, often conditions present on the skin, and more often in the reflex zone area associated with the energy of the organ affected. It is our telltale sign of what's is going on within the body. I work with energetic and plant-based skincare which is designed to work with our own natural vital energy, working in harmony with the skin and its processes to bring balance within the body. I particularly like working with this product as

it is skincare that addresses all the types of skin and treats many of the esthetic conditions.

Before I dive into answering this question of how to deal with it, let me tell you a little more about stress and what it does to our body.

Stress hormones that are not released from the system, accumulate in the body, and can lead to serious physical conditions, including heart attack, autoimmune disease, and some research has even said it increases the risk of cancer.

Stress is the biggest factor/or reason why people get ill. But that’s not all, it makes us literally numb and unable to think clearly and logically. Why?

It’s because we can lose up to 80% of the blood flow from our frontal brain which is responsible for logical thinking, when under stress.

Making decisions and knowing clearly what to do can become almost impossible.

So, let’s talk about what we can do to support ourselves in managing stress, how to stay healthy, physically and mentally and how to keep our marbles in the right place to be able to make the right decisions in extreme situations. First of all, start moving your body! 

It is scientifically proven that even a moderate type of physical activity can boost our immune system and reduce the risk of getting ill, it helps to release stress and endorphins in the body.

Even a simple exercise or a short walk increases blood flow and the amount of oxygen that is being delivered to the brain, that means we are getting our clarity and ability to think logically back again, plus our energy level increases. Additionally, it can help us to disconnect from a problem, so we can get a better perspective or a point of view that will assist us in making a better/more beneficial decision after all.

So, take a walk in nature, go cycling, running, play tennis, perform weight training, HIIT or yoga - choose whatever sounds good to you - it will make a massive difference and improve the quality of your life on every level.  

Learn to breathe deeply!

Even as little as 10 deep breaths can make a massive difference, try it!

Breathing deeply, by simply inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth helps to calm the nervous system down, it increases oxygen levels in our brain and helps to slow our heartbeat down. As simple as it sounds, it really does the trick. It’s a great tool to use, especially when you can’t take a walk or do any other type of activity.

There are many ways of how to deal with stress and I strongly believe that learning these techniques is important to achieve and maintain a happy and healthy life.

Unfortunately, we cannot control or predict what the future is going to bring, but we can learn how to respond to it, so we can protect our health and wellbeing.

Fitness/physical activity and breathing techniques are easy and inexpensive. Performing them can give us a sense of being in control. As I said, we cannot control what will come but we can control our emotions and responses. I also believe that deep down we really do know what to do or what is the best solution for us, but when under stress we just cannot hear it or see it.

Start moving regularly, keep breathing deeply and you will notice that you are less reactive, less tense, feel better, and happier.

Focus on what you already have and what you appreciate. The truth is that we cannot focus on more that one thing at the time, so it is very important to choose the thoughts that make you feel better.

Have you ever heard about getting positive results out of a negative approach to a situation? Exactly! Sometimes it is easier said than done but by practicing a positive mindset could be the best investment in yourself you could ever make.

Physical activities will help you to make these changes as they will reduce your natural stress responses. So take the first step, start moving your body, and breathe.

These simple practices will assist you in making a positive change to your life and it will help you to deal with any situation and bring confidence, without putting your health and happiness at risk.

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