Challenging your anxious thoughts

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Includes free guidance worksheet download by SJ, A Space 2 Be, Gloucestershire UK

31st May 2020

If you are someone who is struggling at the moment to make sense of your anxiety or your thoughts are fixating on something in particular, then I have a worksheet that may support you to find some clarity and understanding.

Do you sometimes feel that your thoughts and feelings become overwhelming?

"I hear you, in fact this has happened to me too"

Anxious thoughts can begin from something we fear, or maybe an experience that has felt uncomfortable or unsafe. These situations have the potential to spiral and become very overwhelming to cope with. I have been able to overcome some of my own challenging moments by discovering my very own wellness toolkit, it is more like a bank of resources that I trust will help me, as and when I need them.

Some one once said to me, "understanding you, more than anyone else is so important". At a time in my life where I felt my anxious thoughts were affecting my daily life, I found that reaching out for support was the key to me unlocking many doors, and one of them was understanding my anxiety. Over the last 6 years I have worked hard on understanding myself more and giving myself the opportunity to have more clarity when I feel stuck.

"We like to find answers, its just what we do"

My self discovery journey of awareness lead me to supporting others as well as myself, so I began training to become a counsellor. It was on this pathway a kind person introduced me to a therapeutic method called CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. CBT works really well as a tool to deal with states of mind, using friendly techniques that feel easy to use and enable you to know yourself better, support controlling thought patterns and is very helpful when things feel like they don't make sense.

Since finding CBT for my own self help, I have also been able to introduce my clients to some of the tools that assisted me when I needed it. I am not a CBT therapist, but have found tips and useful tools to share with others using CBT techniques from workbooks found in my local library. What seems to be the most helpful for people resonantly is finding clarity, some people have say that this is enough for them, to feel understood, and use clarity in processing what was troubling them. In moments when feeling stuck, I hear people describe how they can't find the root cause to their overwhelming feelings. Supporting and challenging anxious thoughts has been on the top of a lot of people's lists when starting their talking therapy with me.

"When supporting people to find what is troubling them, I have encouraged them to find the strength to challenge their anxious thoughts, finding more understanding, personal balance and a little less anxiety"

To help support people to do this, I have put together a guidance worksheet that enables a situation or experience that has brought on anxious thoughts to feel clearer, or more at least more understood. This guidance worksheet is free to download below, it is useful for processing any challenging thought patterns you or someone you know is struggling with, it is a brilliant wellness technique, making it a useful tool for life!

Don't be scared to ask your self questions, download your copy and give it a go!
Download PDF • 96KB

Useful CBT books I have found are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by Beck Wallace and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy workbook by Rob Willson and Rhena Branch

Sarah Bolton-Locke, A Space 2 Be, Gloucestershire UK

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