A skincare routine for lockdown where science meets nature!

By Lorraine Mason Beauty, Gloucestershire UK, in association with A Space 2 Be,

31st May 2020

The skin is our largest organ, doing its job wonderfully to keep us protected and in balance with processes such as elimination and regeneration. It's a whole little microcosmic world underneath what we see reflected back to us in the mirror.

"This is where it gets exciting, science meets nature"

We are energy, we are made from atoms and molecules and have an energy system composed of all the elements, Fire, Water, Metal, Earth, and Wood. We are sustained by our beautiful earth and our surrounding universe.

I'm asking you to think about a moment when you have felt out of balance, we are often drawn by our intuition to the very element we need, be that the sea, mountains for fresh cleaner air, a woodland, the sun, in whichever form we are able to access. These elements restore us, soothe us, and they do a good job of healing us too!

Vital energy is only present in natural form, plants, and if we combine science and nature and you have energetic skincare.

When we are out of balance internally, often conditions present on the skin, and more often in the reflex zone area associated with the energy of the organ affected. It is our telltale sign of what's is going on within the body. I work with energetic and plant-based skincare which is designed to work with our own natural vital energy, working in harmony with the skin and its processes to bring balance within the body. I particularly like working with this product as

it is skincare that addresses all the types of skin and treats many of the esthetic conditions.

"A good routine need not be complicated, skincare doesn't need to be generic, we are individuals and so is our skin, our skin changes with the seasons, it changes to accommodate the lifestyle we lead, the foods we consume, and the stress we come under"

I've observed my own skin journey and how it has healed from being sensitive, stressed skin, red, sore, and with regular breakouts. I was going through a separation at the time, my heart felt wounded and it certainly seemed to show on my face. I realised that my skin was doing it's best to heal me, so I looked into ways I could support it through this process.

The element of fire is linked to the emotion of joy, which was out of balance within me, the organ associated with the fire element is the heart! as I continued my research it began to make sense!

So from this day, I began a new routine of dedicating some precious time to me, cleansing my skin, and removing makeup and debris from the day. I used a gentle toner to provide hydration which has also assisted in taking serum and subsequent products to a deeper level. Because I resonated with the Fire element, I used the fire element serum with it's high vibrational and essential oil properties to nourish and protect my skin. Using eye cream has helped to eliminate the dark circles and puffiness I had, and I used either a day cream for protection or night cream for rejuvenation overnight. I applied and removed my products in a simple way supporting the lymphatic system which lies just below the skin's surface, this is the system that deals with our elimination by removing toxins and waste fluids from the body. By using this method I was working with my skin and its systems, in harmony with the process without overstimulating it, and most importantly without ignoring it.

I now teach this skincare regime to my clients, one to one prior to the pandemic and virtually via zoom during the current lockdown 2020 restrictions.

The relaxation benefits of a professional monthly facial are optimum but by adding a professional method of application at home along with your home products you gain the optimum results from it and get to increase your self-care routine.

"My aim as a therapist is to establish a relationship with women, assist them to find a unique skin journey, and support them with knowledge and specific skincare products"

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