Sarah Bolton-Locke
Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hello, welcome to my page,  you will find more information about me personally and professionally here.   I am very passionate about inspiring others, reaching out and supporting people in a therapeutic way that suits them, their lifestyle and their individual needs.  

I enjoy working therapeutically as it helps people to relax and move more freely with their emotions and feelings.  I particularly find that using creative methods alongside talking therapy is the most popular way to open up and talk about what maybe troubling them.   


I became the founder of A space 2 Be in October 2018, over the last 25 years I have been extending my qualifications and experience to offer my therapeutic tool kit.  My wellbeing tool kit has a variety of ways of helping someone,  I understand that not one style of therapy or support will suit all people, so it became important to me that I should have a variety of skills.  I have had counselling myself, once at age 13 and again as an adult during my counselling training.  I remember starting counselling as a young person and not really understanding much about the benefits of talking therapy, my counsellor guided and supported me through some difficult times which I am very grateful to her for now as I look back.  She inspired me to support others and my interests in adverse childhood experiences, I recognise that she had a huge positive impact on life as I began to understand my mind and body a whole lot more.  

This time of self-development set me on a path,  I left school and became a health practitioner, working in an institution and completing a college course in health and social care.   I specialised in early years during this course and had a placement in a school, where I discovered a connection with young people and young adults with learning differences.   My career went on to working in a brain injury unit for 12 years, supporting adults with their rehabilitation.  After becoming a mum of three children I took on the challenge of managing a wellbeing centre called the Isbourne in Cheltenham town centre, it was there that I realised how many therapeutic and wellbeing therapies there are for supporting health and mental health.  

My passion for supporting and understanding mental health began here and I completed the mental health first aid certificates and began my counselling training.    I began supporting hidden victims of crime with a charity, Infobuzz introduced me to supporting families in the community and working within the criminal justice system and running workshops in prison.  I volunteered with Young Gloucestershire and Infobuzz, supporting their counselling service and this allowed me to extend my experience to working with young adults who were struggling with life's challenges.    My adventures have continued into gaining certificates in 'Stress Less Mindfulness' assisting on mindfulness courses and retreats.  I have naturally entwined mindfulness into my personal and professional life and have found the benefits have been endless.  I have been able to share these skills for life with all of my clients as a mindful mindset works for anyone, anywhere and at any age!

When I am not with someone in a 1-1 support session,  you will find me delivering training to professionals.  I really enjoy this being part of my role with A Space 2 Be.  I enjoy researching, pulling the information together, writing and delivering presentations.  Most of my training courses are developed for a deeper understanding of mental health, coping skills for stress, gender and sexuality, adverse experiences,  mindfulness and therapeutic art.  I am also a sound therapist and run retreat days and workshops with people looking to use sound as a way to relax and rejuvenate.  

I am a very warm and friendly person, I work relationally, therefor the therapeutic relationship is important to me and I like to ensure that whom I am supporting has the space needed to explore and unwind what is troubling them.  I have my own therapy space in Cheltenham town centre, it is quiet and welcoming building.  You can find out more about the therapy space here www.essentialspace.co.uk .  I will do 1-1 and group sessions in GP surgeries, community centres and in schools if required, and I hold an enhanced DBS clearance. 

  • Counselling Diploma

  • Mental Health certificate

  • Health & Social Care 

  • Gender and sexuality diversity 

  • Supporting clients online 

  • Mindfulness (for youth and adults)

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Sound Therapy